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Limbaugh Haiti remarks spark criticism Published January 15, 2010

EDITORIAL: Special protection for Black Panthers

Racial cowardice, thy name is Eric Holder. For those who don't remember, Attorney General H. Holder Jr. had the gall last February to claim that Americans form "a nation of cowards" with regard to racial issues. Saying that this nation must examine its "racial soul" and that "we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race," Mr. Holder explicitly vowed to "have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us." In that same context, he also vowed repeatedly last year to "restore" the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division to a supposedly renewed focus on protecting minority rights. Published January 15, 2010

EDITORIAL: Haiti's voodoo regime

The death toll in Haiti is climbing in the aftermath of the magnitude 7 earthquake that hit the Caribbean nation Tuesday. Much of the carnage could have been avoided. Published January 15, 2010

EDITORIAL: Billions more for banking bailout

The second banking bailout isn't getting the attention it deserves because Democrats don't want to talk about the disaster at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Published January 14, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obamacare's marriage penalty

So much is so wrong with Capitol Hill's two versions of government health care that it's hard to focus on yet another poison pill in the bills. Hard, but important. It turns out that in addition to unconstitutional measures, unfair individual mandates, higher taxes, penalties for lifesaving medical devices and a potentially devastating rationing of care, Obamacare also contains several penalties on couples for getting married. Those penalties make government the enemy of both good romance and good finance. Published January 14, 2010

EDITORIAL: Google jihad

Google isn't carrying water for jihad. That's what the company says, and they're sticking to it. Still, many Internet surfers wonder: Is there something bad about Islam the Google search engine doesn't want you to know? Published January 14, 2010

NAZARBAYEV: Summit needed for stagnant OSCE

On Jan. 1, Kazakhstan became the first former Soviet republic to take over chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Published January 14, 2010

EDITORIAL: After Katrina, whither Charity

Eminent domain is being used by bureaucracies across the country to take people's land, and the public is routinely cut out of the process. A big fight is brewing over this in the Big Easy. Published January 13, 2010

EDITORIAL: War with Iran nears

Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, an important Iranian nuclear scientist, was killed yesterday by a bomb planted outside his home. Iran has accused Israel and the United States of assassinating Mr. Ali-Mohammadi in an attempt to disrupt Tehran's nuclear program. If true, such short-of-war methods could be seen as a means of preventing a larger conflict or paving the way for more deadly operations. Published January 13, 2010

EDITORIAL: Menacing turn in Black Panther case

The Justice Department told the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to drop dead yesterday. The growing controversy is over a voter-intimidation case involving the radical New Black Panther Party and why Justice is carrying water for the villains. The department's intransigence should frighten Congress because Justice is asserting broad privileges that undermine congressional authority to oversee government's executive branch. Published January 13, 2010

EDITORIAL: IRS to control your health care

Congress is creeping closer to passing a government health care bill without telling taxpayers how they are going to pay for the crippling bureaucratic expansion. The reason Democrats are so secretive is that they are ramping up the power of the Internal Revenue Service to make Americans' health care decisions for them. Published January 12, 2010

EDITORIAL: PMOI's place on the terrorist watch list

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit hears the case of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran v. United States Department of State. The State Department says the PMOI is a terrorist organization. The PMOI says the United States is falling for Iranian propaganda. Published January 12, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama's havoc to the intel system

President Obama blamed "the system" for failing to stop al Qaeda's Christmas Day bombing plot. The weakness with that excuse is that Mr. Obama fails to connect the dots between the systemic failure and his administration's year-long record of destroying the morale of the intelligence community. Published January 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Athletes packing heat or Arenas' gun

Size doesn't matter if you're a big, strong sports star being stalked or targeted by miscreants. That's why many celebrity athletes need to carry guns for protection. Published January 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama Justice Department sanctioned

There needs to be a housecleaning at the very troubled Justice Department, and the top echelons of the Civil Rights Division is the right place to start. Its division chief - a presidential appointee - and its highly politicized senior career employees promote liberal ideology more than they enforce the law. Published January 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Stop taxpayer-funded abortion

If the complete government takeover of America's health care system is to be stopped, the battle will be over federal funding for abortion. That important fight could still prove the stumbling block for the Democrats' socialist health care bill. Published January 8, 2010

EDITORIAL: Constitutionally unhealthy 'reform'

Far too many congressmen underestimate the political ramifications of passing a health care bill that may be unconstitutional. Far too few of them seem to understand why Obamacare's constitutionality is seriously in doubt. Published January 7, 2010

EDITORIAL: Letting crooks & illegals vote

Democrats have a political death wish. At least that's how it looks. There's no other explanation for their feverish push to take over the health care system when a huge majority of Americans are opposed to the plan. But facing an angry public, Democrats are scheming to find ways to manipulate the electoral process so they can cling to power even when voters want to kick the bums out. Published January 7, 2010

EDITORIAL: The Blackwater lynching

The dismissed case against five American security contractors charged with committing manslaughter in Iraq illustrates the complexities of fighting an enemy that chooses to wage war among civilians. Worse, it exposes the equally dirty battles conducted by government agencies against our own warriors when bureaucrats respond to political pressure. Published January 7, 2010