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EDITORIAL: Potemkin town halls

President Obama should be charged with false advertising for calling yesterday's Portsmouth, N.H., event a "town-hall meeting." It was a staged, partisan campaign rally. Published August 12, 2009

EDITORIAL: The Afghan metric system

It's relatively easy to determine who is winning a conventional war. Lines on a map usually tell the story. But in limited or irregular wars like Afghanistan, the question is murkier. Published August 12, 2009

EDITORIAL: Detaining Defense nominees

Kansas Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts are blocking 10 nominees for senior posts at the Pentagon and Justice Department. The hold is intended to protest the administration's proposal to send terrorist detainees currently held at the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Fort Leavenworth prison in the Jayhawk state. Published August 11, 2009

EDITORIAL: Black Panther case expands

Even if the liberal media continue to ignore it, the Justice Department's dismissal of a voter-intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party is a full-blown scandal. Fortunately, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is pursuing justice even though the Department of Justice is not. Published August 11, 2009

EDITORIAL: Justice in Hellfire

The death of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud is a major victory in the ongoing struggle against terrorism. Published August 10, 2009

EDITORIAL: Flack Panthers

For some reason, the Justice Department is covering for the Black Panthers. For months, congressmen have asked the Justice Department a simple question: How could the department drop one of the worst voter-intimidation cases ever? Published July 12, 2009

Top 10: Reasons Oscar's expanded best-picture field is a bad idea

Every year, the Academy Awards ceremony introduces some feature designed to raise the show's dwindling appeal. Next year's change is a real doozy, though. For the first time in almost seven decades, there will be 10 best-picture nominees, double the number of recent years. Published June 26, 2009

Morgan, Breitbart host 'Troopathon'

Move America Forward, a nonprofit pro-troop organization, holds its second annual "Troopathon." Melanie Morgan, co-host of The Washington Times' nationally syndicated radio show "America's Morning News," and Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart.TV and the Big Hollywood blog will host the event. Published June 25, 2009

PHOTO GALLERY: Deadly Metro crash

In the deadliest train crash in Metro history, at least six persons were killed and at least 70 others injured when two trains crashed. Published June 23, 2009


Eight vignettes of GM bondholders Published June 15, 2009

THE BONDHOLDERS: David Tuckerman

Six years ago, when his adviser invested $20,000 in GM bonds, David Tuckerman's retirement savings were worth $260,000, he said. His investments are now worth $90,000, hurt by the declining market and bad investments, including his GM bonds. Published June 15, 2009