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The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is a state government agency responsible for protecting the environment of the state of New Mexico and the health of its inhabitants. It was established in the Department of the Environment Act (40th Legislature), enacted July 1, 1991 and was created as a cabinet-level department to oversee the state's environmental laws. Prior to the NMED's creation, these environmental duties were shared by the NM Health Department’s Environmental Protection Division and other government agencies. The department has around 650 employees and covers areas including environmental health and protection, air quality, occupational health and safety, radiation control, water management and petroleum storage tank management. ==History==Upon the creation of the Department, during Bruce King’s administration (1991-1995), Judith Espinosa (1991-1994) was selected for the appointment of Cabinet Secretary and Ron Curry was her Deputy Cabinet Secretary. - Source: Wikipedia

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