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Vote Libertarian in 2016

In the last two weeks of July, non-stop cable TV gave us insight into the presidential nominees selected by the Republican and Democratic parties. Afterward we wondered, “Is this the best they have to offer?” Both parties presented candidates who are demonstratively dishonest and temperamentally unfit for the office of president.

Clinton, Trump equally bad for U.S.

During this election cycle, Donald Trump made an issue of Sen. Ted Cruz’s “natural-born” status, but few even considered the reason our Founders put those words into the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers feared that an agent of a foreign government could be elected president and not have the interests of the United States as their first and only priority.

Superficial convention

The Democratic National Convention has done a lot to live up to the stupidity of the likes of the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others too numerous to mention.

No more Clinton laundry in White House

After watching former President Bill Clinton give his speech at the Democratic National Convention, one would have to come away thinking that old “Slick Willie” had once again hit it out of the proverbial ballpark. That is, until you look at what he said and didn’t say.

Still chance for Cruz?

We face a tough election choice. Donald Trump may be too unstable to trust with the nuclear trigger. Hillary Clinton seems to support the Iran deal that allows a 24-day waiting period before the inspection of a suspected nuclear site. Some experts say that’s not a problem, but other experts say it is.

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GOP, not Trump, real problem

It's easy to say that Donald Trump is an obnoxious, egomaniacal buffoon, but the real story might be a little subtler and a little more complex (not that it makes him any more desirable as president).

Nothing 'peaceful' about murder

One would expect that, at some point in his daily security briefings during his more than 2,700 days in office, President Obama would have been informed of the tens of thousands of terrorist attacks that have taken place around the world during his tenure.

Vote to bring back greatness

As a political independent I have a right and requirement to speak. I see a country with two large political parties squirming to either retain or achieve leadership. The Democrats have chosen as their presumptive leader a completely self-serving individual who has never shown any leadership qualities.

Compromise on gun control

Contrary to those who argue that gun control should not be the focus of the Orlando nightclub shootings, I believe that gun control is the overriding issue at play. We clearly have too much of it.

Call it Islamic terrorism

It is laughable that President Obama, while discussing a group named Islamic State, which fights in the name of Islam and is a greater threat to moderate Muslims than all Western countries combined, claims that if we use the words "Islamic terrorism" it will play into their hands and turn this into a war between Islam and the West.

Declare war against ISIS

We have spent far to much blood and treasure in the Middle East fighting Islamic fundamentalists, and now we are being attacked in our own country. This has all taken place without a declaration of war, which is the responsibility of Congress, as written in our Constitution (Article 1 Section 8).

Keep hives alive

I appreciated the article "Wisconsin beekeepers battle dramatic honeybee losses" (Web, June 13). In discussing the plight of these beekeepers, let us not underrate the significance of where these losses are occurring. Wisconsin produces a whopping 58 percent of the nation's cranberry crop, and yielded 40.7 million pounds of apples in 2014. Both of these crops make Wisconsin's top-10 cash crops list, and both depend on pollinators.

Report truth about terror

Mohammad's teachings and the laws of Shariah both give followers commands to act against gays and Jews, and some Muslims are heeding these commands (i.e. Islamic State beheadings, terror bombings in Europe, jihad in Israel, the recent shootings in Orlando).

Funding our own demise?

Our country has become a host for parasites from all over the world. They come here and feed off our social support network; more than 68 percent of those from Muslim countries in violent conflict are on cash welfare. Many others are recipients of EBT food cards, housing support and public education, and have neither marketable skills nor an interest in becoming Americans.

Trump the anti-Obama

Donald Trump is catching flak from liberal media types because he recently had the audacity to question President Obama's handling of the Orlando massacre. Mr. Obama still refuses to label that heinous act radical Islamic terrorism.

To save U.S., back Trump

Mitt Romney's scathing remarks about Donald Trump's competency to be president are hypocritical, to say the least — particularly given that in 2008 Romney betrayed the Republican Party in his feckless presidential debate against President Obama.

Keep Taiwan 'lighthouse of freedom'

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's decision to block former President Ma Ying-jeou from visiting Hong Kong flies in the face of the values of human rights, and has raised concerns about democracy and freedom in Taiwan.

GOP deserves better than Trump

These are great days to not be a Republican. They are also decisive days for the future of the nation. Contrary to the treatment they get from the mainstream media, the rural and poor white voters who support Donald Trump are totally justified in their anger about the state of our nation. The tragedy is that they are clearly choosing the wrong man for their redemption.

Endorsement bad news for Hillary

President Obama has just stiffed Hillary Clinton and dramatically reduced her chances of winning the presidential election. Mr. Obama is unpopular among voters and arguably the worst president in the history of the country. By any measure he has caused enormous damage to the United States and ordinary Americans, and left both in far worse shape than they were in when he took office.

Our freedoms make us exceptional

American exceptionalism is the unique liberty that we Americans enjoy due to our philosophy and system of government. The Declaration of Independence states that each of us has the same natural rights, and these cannot be given or taken away by another person. Among those rights are the rights to life, liberty and property.

Congress negligent on Zika

This do-nothing Congress has yet to declare war on the Zika virus and its attendant microcephaly manifestations. As usual, both houses feel compelled to play their little money games; the Senate's $1.1-billion proposal is part of a herculean transportation-spending bill, which includes weakening trucker rest regulations favored by the trucking industry. The House's $622 million appropriation is not much better.

Palestinian terrorism still alive

The day after the 2016 U.S. presidential primary campaign effectively ended, two Palestinian gunmen murdered four Israelis in a terror attack at a Tel Aviv cafe ("At least 3 killed, 5 wounded in Tel Aviv mass shooting," Web, June 8).

Still sanctuary for war criminals

In "The long reach of justice" (Web, June 6) Andrew Nagorski contends that the recent war-crimes conviction of former Chad President Hissene Habre demonstrates that "now there is no sanctuary" for war criminals, "no matter how far they run [o]r how long they elude justice."

Obama's willful ignorance

I read with great interest James Zumwalt's recent op-ed, "Obama's Nordic nonsense" (Web, June 7). The piece relates President Obama's recent comment that if Nordic countries controlled the world, "they could clean things up."

Obama's misdirected energy

As reported in The Washington Times, 11 states are suing the federal government over the Obama administration's mandate that all public schools offer gender-neutral access to bathrooms, locker rooms and even shower areas ("11 states sue Obama administration over federal transgender school-bathroom directive," Web, May 25).