The Washington Times - April 15, 2008, 07:23PM
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You’ve probably heard about some of the big changes going on in Hillary’s campaign lately. My name is Geoff Garin, and along with Howard Wolfson, I’m now leading the campaign’s strategy team. My job is to plot the path to the nomination and lay out the strategy that will get us there.\ \ There are two reasons why I said yes immediately when Hillary asked me to do this job. First, I believe that the Hillary Clinton I know will be a great president who will do great things for our country. Second, I am confident she can win.\ \ Let me lay out for you the situation as I see it right now. The Pennsylvania primary is approaching — just eight days to go — and a win there will do two things: give us momentum that will carry us through the races that follow, and show that Hillary is still the best choice to beat John McCain in the big, competitive states that will decide the race in November.\ \ The Obama campaign is outspending us three to one in Pennsylvania. But I’m confident we can win in Pennsylvania, and I know Hillary is too. She is campaigning hard and really connecting with the voters there. The voters in Pennsylvania know that she is the candidate who understands their lives and respects their values, and that every day she will be a president who stands up for them instead of looking down on them.\ \ If I had to point to two of our best weapons in this campaign, one would be the incredible strength of our candidate, and the other would be the phenomenal role people like you have played in sustaining this campaign, even through some pretty tough times. Everyone from Hillary on down has made sure I know about the vital role her online supporters have played in this race.\ \ I made a personal commitment to Hillary that her campaign would be as good and as strong and as smart as she is. And I want to ask you a favor to help me keep that commitment. In the days and weeks (and hopefully months) ahead, I want to know what you think — about the state of the race, our campaign strategy, or your ideas for doing things differently. You’ve made an investment in this campaign, and I want your input as we plan the days, weeks, and months to come.\ \ I can’t promise that I can reply personally to every single message — but I can promise to read them all.\ \ Click here to send me your comments, thoughts, and ideas about our campaign.\ \ I’m really looking forward to reading what you have to say, and to working with you to help Hillary win!\ \ Thanks,\ Geoff Garin

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times