The Washington Times - April 17, 2008, 02:05PM
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Obama used last night himself
Did you see the debate last night?\ \ \ If you did, you saw more gotcha politics and distractions than questions about the pressing issues affecting our country.\ \ \ In fact, it took more than 45 minutes before Barack was asked about the economy, health care, or foreign policy.\ \ \ Regrettably, Senator Clinton seemed all too comfortable with that type of debate. She’s running a 100% negative campaign in Pennsylvania, taking every opportunity to make personal and discredited attacks against Senator Obama.\ \ \ You can send a message that politics doesn’t have to be played this way.\ \ \ Make your first donation today, and someone who’s already given will match whatever amount you decide to give. You can double your impact, and you’ll even get to see the name and town of the fellow supporter matching your first online gift.\ \ \ Will you make a $25 donation now?\ \ \\ \ \ Senator Clinton’s false, negative attacks are exactly the kind of say-anything, do-anything politics that the American people are tired of.\ \ \ That’s why polls show that the majority of Americans think she’s running the most negative campaign, and 58% of voters do not find her honest or trustworthy.\ \ \ Barack Obama wants to end the politics of division and distraction in Washington so we can bring about real change for ordinary Americans.\ \ \ The stakes are too high to play the same old games. More than 1.3 million supporters have responded to Barack’s message of change, and with your help we can reach 1.5 million by May 6th.\ \ \ Make a donation of any amount today, and it will be matched by a previous donor who has pledged to double your impact:\ \ \\ \ \ Thank you for your support,\ \ \ David Plouffe\ Campaign Manager\ Obama for America
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Last night, Senator Obama and I had the chance to express some substantive differences on issues that affect people’s lives every day: the war in Iraq, the mortgage crisis, Social Security, and rising gas prices.\ \ \ I know when I stand up at a debate like last night, I’m speaking not just for myself, but for everyone who has supported me in this race. I know I wouldn’t be here without you, and I can’t tell you how proud I am to stand with you.\ \ \ This race should be decided on the merits of our ideas — not the size our campaign coffers. This race is still tight because people are responding to our shared values and vision. It’s so close that a contribution you make today could be the difference between winning and losing — even as little as $5 can have a critical impact.\ \ \ If you missed the debate last night, click here to watch my closing statement and contribute today to help me win.\ \ \ Thanks for all you do.\ \ \ Sincerely,\ Hillary Rodham Clinton

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times