The Washington Times - April 18, 2008, 12:54PM
Sen. Hillary Clinton his request SEE RELATED:

Wow. I am amazed and gratified that so many of Hillary’s supporters — literally tens of thousands of them — took the time to share their thoughts, suggestions, and words of encouragement in response to my email the other day. I think that speaks volumes about the quality of the people who are supporting Hillary’s campaign and the extent of their commitment to her.\ \ I want to show you some of the great submissions I’ve received:\ \ ‘Don’t give up! I have been pulling a grass roots movement in NC for Hillary and there are many of us whose voice will be heard the day of the election, May 6th. Don’t believe the polls — I have faith that the middle-class American from the small town USA will pull her through.’\ \ ‘Hillary, I’m proud of you and I believe in you. You’ve overcome hostile press coverage, and you’re by far the best candidate in the race, and you’ll make a fine president. Please hang in there and give all of us who are rooting for you a chance to vote for you again. You are the one I trust. You are the one who knows how politics work, and how to beat the odds. Don’t let me down.’\ \ ‘I think we should stress and publicize that any outcome without Florida and Michigan is incomplete, unfair, and unacceptable.’\ \ By the way, I’ve also shared some of the email responses with Hillary. She is extremely appreciative of the good suggestions people offered, and she was touched by the many kind words of support so many people sent in.\ \ Please keep the advice and questions coming. If I haven’t heard from you yet, please tell me what you think.\ \ Click here to send your comments.\ \ Thank you again for everything you do to drive our campaign to victory. You know as well as I do that we are at a crucial point in the campaign, so all of your help is very much welcomed, and always appreciated.\ \ Sincerely,\ Geoff Garin\ Hillary Clinton for President

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times