The Washington Times - April 19, 2008, 07:18PM
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From: Howard Wolfson, Communications Director
\ \ To: Interested Parties
\ \ Date: Saturday, April 19, 2008
\ \ Re: Obama Campaign On The Attack In Last Weekend Of Pennsylvania Primary
\ \ \ \ A major theme of Sen. Obama on the stump is that Hillary Clinton is running a negative campaign based on “slash and burn politics” and that he represents a break from that kind of politics. In fact, in just the last 48-hours, Sen. Obama has flooded airwaves, radio, phone lines and mailboxes with negative and false attacks against Hillary. This unprecedented barrage coincides with a weak debate performance and Sen. Obama’s slide in the daily Gallup poll.\ \ \ \ 1. In the most outrageous attack of the campaign, Obama surrogates held a conference call attacking Hillary’s character, claiming she did not have the “moral authority” to lay a wreath on the Tomb on the Unknown Soldier. [Link]\ \ \ \ 2. Launched a television ad featuring false, negative attacks on Hillary’s health care plan. [Link]\ \ \ \ 3. Distributed negative mail about Hillary’s trade positions, complete with citations even Sen. Obama has acknowledged have been debunked. [Link]\ \ \ \ 4. Flooded voters with robocalls saying Hillary will “say anything” to win.
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