The Washington Times - April 21, 2008, 09:09AM
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Lots of color. Some slightly newsworthy items from Sen. Barack Obama’s walking tour of Main Street, which lasted about an hour. Your pool got nowhere near him and couldn’t ask any questions.\ \ \ But here’s the basics:\ \ \ Right when we got off the bus we spotted a group of Clinton supporters chanting. A snarky Obama organizer approached them and said, “Thank you for spending all this time out here instead of making phone calls and organizing.”\ \ \ The basic color as he walked on the street (which had been shut down to traffic) was what you’d expect. Squeals, cell phone cameras, big crowd.\ \ \ “Remember to vote on Tuesday!” Obama shouted at the revelers. He also told them to notice “The sun came out just as I showed up.”\ \ \ Obama greeted some women eating at an outdoor cafe sporting Hillary gear. They were volunteers in from out of state - two from New York, one from DC and one from Vermont.\ \ \ “Sorry to bring this whole — these poor Hillary folks are trying to do some work!”\ \ \ They said they were trying to eat and he continued, “You guys, I’m glad you’re volunteering — it’s important. Participate in the process. We appreciate you very much.”\ \ \ A girl asked, “We’ll all be together again, right?” Obama said, “I’ll look for your votes in November. If I get there.”\ \
\ \ \ Someone asked Obama who he likes in the NBA playoffs. “You know, I still like the Spurs. I’d say in the East the Celtics will come out and in the west — the Spurs.”\ \ \ Obama went into the Bethlehem Beer Works pub, causing a ruckus and shaking hands, etc. The campaign organized a mini-roundtable where Obama spent 20 minutes talking to four people about their concerns, including the economy. We could hear very little of this, but what we did get it was all stump material — green jobs, etc.\ \
\ \ \ As he walked into the brewery, he said, “All right, I’m gonna go sample the beers in here. I’ll be out in a sec. No shots. Just a sip!”\ \ \ “I can’t drink the whole thing ‘cause I’m actually going to a, I’m supposed to be at a town hall meeting, but I can sample a little,” he said as the waiter brought a half dozen beer samples ($30.75), ranging from dark to light.\ \ \ “This is what I’m talkin’ about here! Now, is this something you do, like as a customer — I could come in and order a sampler?”\ \ \ The man seated next to him explains the sampler. Obama encourages the others at the table to partake. “I’m not gonna do it all on my own. What do you recommend for me?”\ \ \ The man asks Obama what he likes. Obama replies, “You know, I’m actually completely open — “the man picks the lightest beer with fruit in it. Obama rejects it. “No, no no — I think that one looks too fancy.” He takes a beer (extra special bitter) that looks to be right in the middle of the darkest and the lightest. They toast while the crowd shouts “cheers.”\ \ \ Obama sips and says, “That’s a tasty beer there.” He also munched on a few chips.\ \ \ After watching Obama gingerly take two lone sips from his beer while talking about the economy for 20 minutes, a reporter shouted “Chug it!” but Obama did not oblige as he finished up. In fact, he finished at most half of his 5.5-oz. sampler glass of ESP, a Belgian sour ale which won the silver medal at the World Beer Cup in 2001.

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times