The Washington Times - April 22, 2008, 09:05AM
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Me: So, are you voting today?\ \ Screener: You bet.\ \ Me: Which candidate do you like?\ \ Screener: I just don’t know. Probably Hillary. \ \ Me: Interesting. What do you like about her?\ \ Screener: I’m just not sure, there are things I like about both of them. I got to see Obama at an event. He got me all enthusiastic that day.
McKEESPORT, Pa. - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton dominated Ohio, squeaked out a win in the Texas primary and is looking for a solid victory today in Pennsylvania to keep superdelegates from breaking for her Democratic presidential rival and finally ending the nomination battle.\ \ If she gets the big win, she’ll have more evidence for her claim that Sen. Barack Obama is unable to deliver in major swing states and, her team says, it will raise serious questions about his electability.\ \ “It’s safe to say that, certainly, the superdelegates will have several questions for the Obama campaign if Senator Obama fails to be successful on Tuesday, considering the amount of resources they’ve expended on Pennsylvania,” said Clinton spokesman Phil Singer.\ \ But the size of Mrs. Clinton’s expected victory here today is more important than the win, and the tipping point for her viability for staying in the race ranges from a five-point to double-digit victory, depending on the source.\ \ “If she gets a 20-point win, that would be impressive,” quipped Obama strategist David Axelrod, citing her one-time massive lead when the Pennsylvania campaign began.
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Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times