The Washington Times - April 3, 2008, 10:16AM
Sen. Barack Obama
\ More Than 442,000 Donors Help Obama Raise Over $40 Million in March
\ CHICAGO, IL - Senator Barack Obama’s campaign announced today that more than 442,000 contributors across the country gave more than $40 million in March. More than 218,000 donors contributed to the campaign for the first time, and the average contribution level was $96.\ \ “Senator Obama has always said that this campaign would rise or fall on the willingness of the American people to become partners in an effort to change our politics and start a new chapter in our history,” campaign manager David Plouffe said. “Today we’re seeing the American people’s extraordinary desire to change Washington, as tens of thousands of new contributors joined the more than a million Americans who have already taken ownership of this campaign for change. Many of our contributors are volunteering for the campaign, making our campaign the largest grassroots army in recent political history.”\ \ March Fundraising by the Numbers\ \ Total Raised in March: More than $40 million\ \ Contributors in March: More than 442,000\ \ First-Time Contributors in March: More than 218,000\ \ Average Contribution: $96\ \ Total Contributors to Date: More than 1,276,000

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times