The Washington Times - April 5, 2008, 10:41PM
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Bill and Hillary Clinton have come a long way since claiming $1 and $2 tax deductions for donating their used underwear to charity in the 1980s, earning $109 million between 2000 and 2007 and giving $10.3 million of it to charitable causes.\ \ The joint federal income tax return figures, released yesterday by the Clinton campaign, show that the couple made $20.4 million last year and paid $5.1 million in federal income taxes - giving $3 million in charitable donations, including $1 million from the proceeds of Mr. Clinton’s new book “Giving.”\ \ The release, held until late yesterday afternoon, comes five weeks after Mrs. Clinton promised to make public the documents during a televised presidential debate. She had resisted doing so for a long time, despite the fact she made her opponent’s tax returns an issue during her 2000 Senate race against Republican Rick Lazio.\ \ “The Clintons have now made public 30 years of tax returns, a record matched by few people in public service,” said campaign spokesman Jay Carson. “None of Hillary Clinton’s presidential opponents have revealed anything close to this amount of personal financial information.”\ \ The multimillion-dollar income puts the couple in a new league from their days when Mr. Clinton served as governor of Arkansas and Mrs. Clinton was a lawyer at Little Rock’s Rose Law. Back then, she annually donated dozens of bags of clothing - hers, Bill’s and daughter Chelsea’s - to Goodwill, the Salvation Army and local shelters and charities, taking the time to personally list and value each item.

here a piece up Sen. Barack Obama
When I turn on the TV all I hear is negative words. The news stations keep telling you that we’re down and out. But that’s plainly not true. I’m on the trail every day for Hillary and the crowds are bigger than ever before, and let me tell you - they are excited!\ \ I wanted to show you a video from a recent event with Hillary in North Carolina - you can see for yourself Hillary’s packed events and enthusiastic supporters.\ \
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\ Sincerely,\ \ Terry McAuliffe\ Chairman, Hillary Clinton for President
Right now, you can help build a base of support for Barack in Indiana and bring more voices into the political process.\ \ To participate in Indiana’s primary, voters must be registered by this Monday, April 7th.\ \ Tens of thousands of Obama supporters may not be registered yet, and we need to act quickly to reach out to as many of them as possible.\ \ Each call you make could be another vote for Barack in an area where we need your help the most.\ \ Use our online phonebanking tool, and start calling Indiana supporters now:\ \\ \ Registering voters is more than just an important part of our campaign strategy — it’s what our movement is all about.\ \ From the beginning, Barack has set out to bring more people and more voices into the political process. And if we can reach more people in Indiana, we can make a lasting impact and win victories for the Democratic Party up and down the ballot in November.\ \ All across the country, volunteers will be making calls into Indiana to tell potential supporters about the deadline and encourage them to register.\ \ No previous experience is necessary. All you need is a hunger for change and a willingness to turn your enthusiasm into action.\ \ Our team has put together a list of the most important calls you can make into Indiana right now:\ \\ \ …\ \ Personal contact is the best way to grow this movement, and you can make these connections right from your own home.\ \ It’s easy — start by making five calls, and I know you’ll want to make five more:\ \\ \ Thank you for making this happen,\ \ David Plouffe\ Campaign Manager\ Obama for America

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times