The Washington Times - March 28, 2008, 11:43AM
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Barack Obama record-setting month her Web site
Have you noticed the pattern? \ \ \ Every time our campaign demonstrates its strength and resilience, people start to suggest we should end our pursuit of the Democratic nomination. \ \ \ Those anxious to force us to the sidelines aren’t doing it because they think we’re going to lose the upcoming primaries. The fact is, they’re reading the same polls we are, and they know we are in a position to win. \ \ \ In three days, we’re facing a critical March filing deadline — another chance to show the strength of our campaign. Let’s take these three days to make something absolutely clear: we aren’t going to simply step aside. You and I are going to keep fighting for what we believe in, and together, we’re going to win. \ \ \ Anything you can give now will make a difference. Even a contribution as little as $5 will have an impact.\ \ \ Contribute $5 today to help us raise $3 million by the March filing deadline at midnight Monday. \ \ \ Every time we are challenged to prove the strength and durability of our appeal to voters, we meet our goals. We did it in New Hampshire, we did it on February 5, and we did it again this month in Texas and Ohio. \ \ \ With the March filing deadline, we have the chance to show our strength again. This is a crucial test as we approach the next big primary in Pennsylvania and the contests that follow. \ \ \ Millions of voters are still waiting to have their say. Let’s make sure they have a chance to be heard. \ \ \ Contribute $5 today to help us raise $3 million by the March filing deadline at midnight Monday. \ \ \ At times like this, with everything on the line, it means so much to me to know that I can rely on you to meet the challenges we face head-on. \ \ \ Thank you for everything, \ \ \ Hillary
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If you’re wondering what it might be like to join Barack Obama and three fellow supporters for a casual dinner, you should watch this video.\ \ \ From the very beginning of this campaign, Barack has rejected contributions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs. Instead, he has relied on grassroots donors like you to support this campaign, and this is not the first time he’s invited you to join him for an intimate dinner for five.\ \ \ Get a glimpse of a previous dinner with Barack, and make a donation before 11:59 p.m. EDT on March 31st. You could join Barack and three other guests for an evening of good food and good conversation:\ \ \\ \ \ One of the folks in that video is Michael Griffith, a miner from Fernley, Nevada — he was one of Barack’s guests at a dinner last year.\ \ \ We gave him a call this week and asked him to talk about the experience so that we could share it with you. Here’s what he had to say about it:\ \ \ “It was an awesome experience — Barack spent hours talking to us, and at the dinner table he was just like any other guy. It really felt like somebody invited friends over for dinner and good conversation.\ \ \ My dad is a paralyzed vet, and his health care costs are huge, so I talked to the Senator about how he planned to provide for our veterans. He gave a thoughtful, detailed answer, and I could tell that taking care of our veterans was a big concern to him.\ \ \ But we didn’t just talk about politics. He talked about his children, and his wife, and how much he misses his family when he’s on the road. And those of us with children shared stories about our families, too. He was a funny guy, and there was a good amount of joking around. All in all, it was a great conversation.\ \ \ Ever since the dinner, I’ve remained active in the campaign. I was the precinct captain for my neighborhood here in Fernley, Nevada, and we won our caucus. I also went to the county convention, and we won there too.\ \ \ I’m grateful to have been a part of this, because I know that beyond winning an election, we’re also changing the way politics works in this country.”\ \ \ People like Michael are transforming politics in this country — not just by changing the way campaigns are funded, but by getting involved on a grassroots level and working for change in their communities.\ \ \ While Senator Clinton and Senator McCain have accepted millions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs, this campaign has relied on more than a million individual donors giving only what they can afford. Just last month, more than 90% of the donations to Obama for America were for $100 or less.\ \ \ If you make a donation in any amount between now and 11:59 pm EDT on Monday, March 31st, you could join Barack and three other supporters for dinner and a conversation about the issues that matter most to you.\ \ \ Thank you for your support,\ David Plouffe\ Campaign Manager\ Obama for America

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times