The Washington Times - May 1, 2008, 11:29AM
Sen. Barack Obama

Gas prices today are at an all time high.\ \ \ American families and small business feel the burden each day.\ \ \ Barack Obama says that he doesn’t have a short-term plan.\ \ \ Obama: “I would be dishonest if I said we’ve got a lot of short-term answers to bringing down gas prices. I don’t think we do.” (3/31/08)\ \ \ Yet, gas tax relief “could save motorists $6.8 billion in taxes during the summer.” (USA Today, 4/16/08) \ \ \ What does Barack Obama think?\ \ \ Obama: “A three-month tax holiday is a bad idea.” (4/21/08) \ \ \ Obama: “It’s a gimmick that’s been tried before.” (4/28/08)\ \ \ Obama: “This is one of John McCain’s latest schemes.” (4/26/08) \ \ \ But as an Illinois state senator he voted FOR gas tax relief. (Illinois State Senate, S.B. 1310, 3/8/00) \ \ \ Barack Obama just doesn’t get it. Does he understand our economy, and what American families and businesses need?\ \ \ Barack Obama. \ \ \ Out of touch.\ \ \ Not ready to be President.

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Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times