The Washington Times - May 10, 2008, 08:34PM
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West Virginia after picking up a bunch of superdelegates today
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s top aides yesterday accused Sen. Barack Obama of ignoring West Virginia, saying Democrats must win the state in the fall and using her 43-point poll lead there as evidence that her longshot bid deserves to run its course.\ \ “What is the basis for the so-called ‘presumptive nominee’ not competing in a state that would be a key swing state?” Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson asked reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast, adding that a Tuesday victory could be a turning point for his boss.\ \ A 15-point win for Mrs. Clinton, “in an atmosphere in which she is being written off and told to leave the campaign, if voters hearing that in West Virginia decided to choose to affirm her candidacy despite that, I think that would say something significant about her ability to compete and win votes in a very tough environment,” he said.\ \ Since winning North Carolina and coming within two points in Indiana, Mr. Obama has done everything to indicate he views himself as the Democratic presidential nominee \0x2014 avoiding engaging with Mrs. Clinton, and disregarding his rival’s calls for a debate and pivoting toward the general election.\ \ In Portland, Ore., Mr. Obama said presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain is “dead wrong” on the economy. Mr. Obama was just a few miles from Mrs. Clinton’s campaign event but kept his focus on criticizing Mr. McCain of Arizona.
here a call to action
The West Virginia primary has been an uphill battle, but we’ve built a broad based, grassroots operation there, backed by a dozen field offices and over 60 staffers on the ground. From the beginning, we’ve made a commitment to compete in every state for every vote, and even as we near the end of this long primary campaign we haven’t let up. Over the next four days, we’re asking grassroots phonebankers across the country to make calls to voters in West Virginia to help Get Out The Vote for Barack.
Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times