The Washington Times - March 12, 2008, 07:37PM

\ The ACC tournament already has its first upset.\ \ \ Bambale Osby put an end to Maryland’s practice session this afternoon.\ \ \ That might not seem like much, but the Terps have a tradition of ending practices the day before a game with a halfcourt shooting contest. The practice is officially over when someone actually makes one.\ \ \ And today, Osby did it. In the first attempt. Not just for himself, but for the team.\ \ \ “First one. First one of my career,” Osby beamed. “The freshmen have been winning them lately and we had to bring it to an end.”\ \ \ But not all was well. Forward James Gist couldn’t believe what had transpired. Boom? With a halfcourt heave? Before his fellow senior even had a crack it?\ \ \ “Oh, man. I didn’t even get a chance,” Gist said with a stunned grin. “I wanted to get a shot up. Usually we go around two or three times around before someone makes it. That’s his first one. Usually, he doesn’t even get it near the rim.”\ \ \ Sophomore guard Eric Hayes was a bit more magnanimous, though also more blunt about the well-coiffed big man’s range.\ \ \ “Boom’s never even come close to making one,” Hayes said. “I was happy for him that he made one finally because it’s one of his last chances to do it.”\ \ \ If he tries that in a game, he probably won’t get another chance in any setting.\


\ Photo by Associated Press\

\ —- Patrick Stevens