The Washington Times - March 20, 2008, 06:07PM

\ As usual, Jesus gets the most dinner invites. Sophomore guard Chris Kramer lists Jesus, Michael Jordan and Adam Sandler. (Would Jesus know the words to “The Chanukah Song?”). Loquacious center JaJuan Johnson would like comedians Martin Lawrence and Chris Tucker to accompany Jesus at the table (Would God’s son be able to get a word in?). Sophomore guard Geno Parker would like to break bread with his grandfather, Pete Maravich and Jesus, in that order (Would Pistol bother passing the mashed potatoes, or hog them all for himself?).\

\ Nemanja Calasan, a junior forward from Bosnia and Herzegovina, lists Croation ballers Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac, and Grammy-winning babe Beyonce. Mmmm … Bootylicious meets Bjelovar-Bilogora.\


\ Chris Reid lists the Three Stooges, which may explain why every Boilermaker lists Reid as the “teammate that makes me laugh the most.”\

\ Robbie Hummel, by far the most entertaining Purdue player to watch, also has the most dynamic dining trio: Jordan, Denzel Washington and Will Ferrell. \

\ But the oddest couple award definitely goes to junior guard Marcus Green, who would like to share a meal with Mahatma Gandhi and Jonnie Cochran. I had to ask — why the pioneer of non-violent resistance and the man who got O.J. off?\

\ “Just the enlightenment, with Gandhi and being in his presence,” said Green, sipping a Powerade. “Jonnie Cochran is one of my heroes, so just to be able to sit down and be able to talk to him.”\

\ What would they have to eat? Would Gandhi eat at all?\

\ “Me and Gandhi, I think we’d be eatin’ rice, maybe some fish,” said Green with a laugh, apparently amused by the idea that Gandhi might fast through his dream dinner. “Cochran would probably have some soul food.”\

\ While in the District, Green — who claims meatballs are his favorite food — plans on trying to make it to Ben’s Chili Bowl, per Gilbert Arenas’ request.\

\ — Harlan Goode