The Washington Times - August 27, 2012, 07:56AM

There were a couple things that just didn’t fit into today’s dead-tree edition look at former Maryland quarterback Danny O’Brien, who was named the starter at Wisconsin last week after transferring to the Big Ten school earlier this year.

The most notable had to do with the quarterback who was supposed to take over for the Terrapins after O’Brien’s departure.


When O’Brien saw a familiar reporter after practice in Madison less than two weeks ago, there was the usual exchange of pleasantries. But pretty much the first topic he broached was how disappointed he was for C.J. Brown, who a couple days earlier was lost for the season with torn knee ligament.

We later circled back to the topic later on, and O’Brien’s thoughts about the subject were both poignant and unsurprising.

“When I heard that, I was devastated just because me and C.J. are pretty close and we texted each other before camp, both of us saying how weird it was going into a camp without the other one right next to us because that’s all we’ve known in college football,” O’Brien said. “It was really weird. He’s just a great guy and something you wish would never happen. he’s obviously one of the leaders of that team. It was heartbreaking.”

Brown, a redshirt junior, underwent surgery Friday. It is the second time in three years he had a season-ending injury; Brown played only four snaps in 2010 before a broken collarbone shelved him for the final 11 games.

—- Patrick Stevens