The Washington Times - August 6, 2012, 07:56PM

Navy’s first revised depth chart of preseason camp was released Monday night.

The biggest change doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Casey Bolena, previously a backup to Matt Aiken, is now listed as a starter. John O’Boyle is listed as Bolena’s backup, while Shawn Lynch is the top reserve behind Aiken.


Bolena had four receptions for 53 yards last season. O’Boyle, a converted slotback, had a 2-yard reception last season. Lynch switched from safety to wide receiver in the spring.

Before last week, Brandon Turner occupied the starting spot opposite Aiken. Turner failed a conditioning test and will not rejoin the Mids until Aug. 20 at the earliest.

Here’s a full rundown of the rest of the changes, with comments sprinkled throughout …


No. 3 NOSE GUARD: Bernard Sarra replaces A.J. Barnaby

* The 6-foot-1, 290-pound freshman has apparently made a solid first impression

No. 3 OUTSIDE LINEBACKER: A.K. Akpunku replaces Carrington Lewis

* Akpunku is another freshman to slide onto the three-deep within a week.


TACKLE: Ryan Paulson top backup at both tackle spots, Collin Watkins No. 3 at both tackle spots

* Departing the depth chart are senior Evan Campbell (left tackle) and junior Sam Womack (right tackle)

No. 3 RIGHT GUARD: E.K. Binns replaces Austin Marshall

* When a freshman offensive line finds his way onto Navy’s three-deep within a week, it’s noteworthy. Scribble down Binns as a promising long-term possibility.

No. 3 FULLBACK: Maika Polamalu replaces Quinton Singleton

* Polamalu, it appears, is fully healthy after suffering an injury during spring practice


No. 2 PUNTER: Gavin Jernigan replaces Justin Haan

* Jernigan is a plebe. Haan is returning from a mission. Sophomore Pablo Beltran has a solid grip on the starting job

KICKOFF SPECIALIST: Brynmor Hughes listed as the starter over Stephen Picchini

* This wasn’t included on the depth chart distributed on the first day of camp.

—- Patrick Stevens