The Washington Times - August 7, 2012, 11:19PM

Maryland coach Randy Edsall hinted Monday there were players who did not pass a start-of-camp conditioning test who would be “dealt with.”

Tuesday it was clear who they were and just what they would be stuck doing.


Three Terrapins —- junior defensive lineman Justin Anderson, freshman wideout Levern Jacobs and walk-on defensive lineman Azubuike Ukandu —- did not participate in practice while handling an assortment of tasks off to the side.

“They knew the consequences if they didn’t finish,” Edsall said. “We told them up front ‘Hey, if you don’t finish, you’re not going to practice until we feel like you’re ready to practice.”

Edsall said 10 players did not pass the conditioning test, which consisted of running 24 widths of the field in a set amount of time. Seven of those at least completed it.

That meant a difference in how they were handled compared to the three who couldn’t complete the test.

“They didn’t finish it, so guess what?” Edsall said. “They won’t practice until I feel they’re capable of being able to finish a practice. You can’t finish the conditioning test, there’s no sense having you on the field practicing until we feel like you can finish a conditioning test or a whole practice.”

So how long before their status changes.

“Depends on how I feel,” Edsall said. “I’ll talk to [strength and conditioning assistant] Alan [Weber] who was working with them to see where he thinks they are. Plus, they’re guys who have to get up in the morning and do half the conditioning test to make up for what they missed. They’re getting double duty for it.”

—- Patrick Stevens