The Washington Times - September 11, 2012, 04:55PM

A handful of items on Maryland that aren’t entirely related to Edsall Bowl I …



It’s probably a little premature to declare Maryland has completely reversed course after last year’s 2-10 season.

After all, two games is not a huge sample size, and it’s not like the Terrapins looked awful through two games in 2011.

Coach Randy Edsall wasn’t willing to boast of a massive breakthrough, but acknowledged Maryland has made improvements in some ways.

“I think we’ve turned the corner a little bit from the standpoint that we’re out there competing for 60 minutes,” Edsall said. “We won two games in the fourth quarter, basically. I think that’s progress. We still have a long way to go, but the one thing is the energy and the attitude has been good. Now, we have to continue to do that.

“Hopefully, we’ll get some more guys back as we continue to go forward. Hopefully, we won’t have any more injuries, but we’re headed in the right direction though we still have a lot to get accomplished. The more these young kids plays  and the more the older guys continue to make plays and work to bring the young guys along, the better we’re going to be.”


So, about Wes Brown and his two lost fumbles in the second half …

“We haven’t gotten to the point where we make Wes carry the football around campus all day or go to bed with it and sleep with it,” Edsall said. “I expect Wes to bounce back. Ge hot a chance to watch things on film. We had a chance to see why it occurred. Knowing Wes the way I know him, he’s going to make sure those things don’t happen again.”

Brown is listed as a co-backup to sophomore Justus Pickett on this week’s depth chart.


Edsall’s numbers weren’t exactly right, but his concern about a handful of large gains doing in the defense were spot on.

Temple had six plays account for a combined 184 yards Saturday. In the Owls’ other 51 snaps, they managed 46 yards.

That’s strong work 90 percent of the time, with a highly forgettable 10 percent abetting Temple’s second-half rally.


Upon further review, defensive end Justin Anderson did make at least a brief cameo in Saturday’s victory, which means Maryland matched its player total of 44 from its opener.

Defensive end Keith Bowers and fullback Jeff Hernandez played Saturday after not appearing in the opener. Freshmen Albert Reid and Alvin Hill did not get against Temple after playing William & Mary.

—- Patrick Stevens