The Washington Times - July 27, 2012, 12:46PM


All these arrests in the #NFL gave me this thought: Last year we had a lockout; this year we have a lock-in.


Is it just me, or do announcers say the word “splendid” more during the #BritishOpen than during any other week of the year?

Thorbjorn Olesen, now 4th in #British Open, has won 4 times on the Nordic circuit, where you get a free drop if you hit it on an ice floe.

Two of Oleson’s victories, if I’m not mistaken, came in the Arctic Circle Open and the Admiral Byrd Invitational. #BritishOpen

Tim #Tebow is said to be working on his throwing mechanics w/ ex-#MLB pitcher Tom House. What’s House’s biggest claim to athletic fame? #NFL

Answer: House caught Hank Aaron’s 715th home run ball on the fly in the Atlanta #Braves bullpen. #NFL #MLB #Tebow

#NFL asks former game officials to train replacement officials. Former officials reply: “There’s nobody named Quisling here.”

#Nats 10, #Braves 10 in OT. And remember: Under the new rules, Nats are guaranteed one more possession as long as Braves don’t score a TD.

The #Nats have scored in the bottom of the 9th in 3 of the last 4 games. The very definition of Natitude. #Braves #MLB

The #Nats are 0-2 this season in 11-10 games (the first: at Colorado, June 28). They’ve gotta get better at playing 11-10 games. #Braves


Is #PennState really debating about whether to remove the #Paterno statue or is it more about methods — plastic explosives vs. drone?

I’m all for this Runner Without A Country being allowed to compete in the #Olympics. But, hey, what about me — a Runner Without A Prayer?

Was hoping for #Tiger-Stevie Williams pairing in final group tomorrow, but you can’t have everything. Should be fun day anyway. #BritishOpen

To me, there are really only 2 kinds of GMs — those who return phone calls + those who don’t. #Vikes‘ Mike Lynn fell in 1st category. RIP.

#Nats ship Lannan back to Syracuse. It’s like returning an article of clothing after you’ve worn it because you didn’t remove the price tag.


If Adam Scott had made that 10-footer on 18, Ernie Els might have had to turn his winery into a distillery. #BritishOpen

Zim with a HR to LF to go with his HR to RF. All he needs now is a HR to CF + an inside-the-parker + he’ll have homered for the cycle. #Nats

In the space of a month, Zimmerman has gone from a guy in desperate need of a cortisone shot to a guy who looks like he’s on PEDs. #Nats

You can already see headline in the Atlanta paper tomorrow: Jurrjens Creamed.  #Nats #Braves


Ochocinco changing his name back to Johnson is like Chris Evert Lloyd reverting to Chris Evert. Except Ocho fell in love with himself. #NFL

Sometimes I can’t decide whether Ryan Zimmerman is a third baseman or a rollout quarterback. Like on that last play. #Nats #Mets #MLB

It’s raining at Citi Field. Something tells me Chris Young, the Mets 6-10 pitcher, was the first to know. #Nats #MLB

Ichiro has 2,533 hits since coming to majors at age 27. Only 5 modern players have had more after 27th b-day. Guesses? #Mariners #MLB

Answer: Pete Rose 3,353, Sam Rice 2,925, Honus Wagner 2,766, Stan Musial 2,635 and Ty Cobb 2,589. Five Hall of Famers. #Mariners #MLB

This is the first time in his career Harper’s had a HR and SB in the same game. Zim did it 4 times as a 21-year-old rookie in ‘06. #Nats

Michael Morse accomplished a feat 2night last pulled off by Bryce Harper and first done — in #Nats history — by Junior Spivey. What is it?

Answer: He hit a HR in a game in which he also struck out three or more times. Danny Espinosa and Rick Ankiel also did it this season. #Nats

Maybe #PennState should donate the 112 vacated wins to charity, too. Distribute them among UTEP, New Mexico State + a few others. #Paterno

Joe #Paterno and Jerry #Sandusky walk into a bar in Hell… . Sorry, that’s as far as I’ve gotten. #PennState


Ichiro “made concessions” to play for the #Yankees? Ichiro would have WORKED in concessions to play for the Yankees. #Mariners #MLB

Valdespin’s 5 pinch-hit home runs, you’ll be pleased to know, tie him with Matt Stairs (Phillies, ‘09) for 4th-most in a season. #Nats #Mets


A sixth-inning score from Miami: #Braves 6, What’s Left of the #Marlins 1. #Nats #MLB

With their next win, the #Nats will match their season total for 2008 (59-102) and 2009 (59-103). And it’s still July. #MLB

Just heard about 14-yr-old QB who committed to Washington. Has a school ever been put on probation for giving a recruit a Schwinn? #Huskies

There should be a law that prohibits TV stations from conducting Player of the Game polls for the losing team in a 10-1 game. #Orioles #MLB


I’m in Ashburn for the opening of the #Redskins camp. As far as I can see, they haven’t accepted any transfers from #PennState.

#London Fletcher: The Official #NFL Player of the 2012 #Olympics#Redskins

Just thinking: If Sonny Jurgensen, in his prime, had raced #RG3 in the 40, he might have gotten lapped. #Redskins #NFL

Am anxiously awaiting Bleacher Report’s “Ten Best Places to Relocate the Paterno Statue.” #PennState #CFB

Remember when the #Nats DFA’d Daniel Cabrera, and Rizzo said, “I got tired of watching him”? Seems the #Caps reached same point with Semin.

The #Nats take an early 4-0 lead in Milwaukee. In related news, Nyjer Morgan has 5 RBI all season for the the #Brewers (in 243 PA!).

I’ve always loved Nyjer’s hitting style, btw. Looks like he’s holding a rolled up newspaper and is waiting for a mosquito to come by. #Nats

The A’s are tied for the 2nd wildcard in the AL. That means a Gio-Tommy Milone matchup in the 1st game of the WS is still possible. #Nats

Braun spends more time outside the box between pitches than the drug tester did before mailing in his urine sample. #Nats #MLB

Every time H-Rod comes in, I think of Earl Weaver’s line about a player who washed out: “I gave him more chances than my second wife.” #Nats

The best part about tonight: Realizing the #Nats aren’t going to be like #Brewers. They’re not going to be good one year + disappear next.