The Washington Times - March 31, 2008, 06:37AM

Our most popular piece is looking at Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debating their electoral map strategy. It was picked up by CNN‘s political ticker.

Matt Drudge over the weekend linked to Sterling Meyers’ article describing the cherry blossoms in full bloom in Washington, D.C. This morning he’s linked to our piece on Sen. John McCain’s outreach to conservative bloggers.


The popular social networking Web site Digg has made popular Jennifer Harper’s piece on a new birth control pill for men.

Citations of our stories on U.S. passports abounds. The series showing creation of U.S. passports is outsourced has prompted two separate congressional investigations, both which credited The Washington Times. Among the media outlets to cover the story were Fox News, the Drudge Report, CBS Radio, the Huffington Post, Lou Dobbs, WTOP, National Review, National Public Radio and CNN.

NBC Nightly News led its Friday program with our audio from our interview with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on everything from race relations to the Olympics. Reuters wrote an 800-word story on the Rice interview, crediting The Washington Times throughout. Both the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune also wrote about the interview and credited The Times.

Meet the Press on Sunday cited our interview with CIA Director Michael Hayden.

— The Washington Times editors