The Washington Times - April 11, 2008, 12:01PM
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\ It was interesting to me that some of the guys have been watching games the past couple of days, trying to soak up as much playoff hockey as possible while other guys have tried to avoid it a little bit.\

\ “[The anticipation] started out on Monday and as soon as the games started it was unfortunate that we had to wait until Friday,” Steckel said. “It is exciting just to watch it on TV. You kind of get jealous, you know?”\

\ On the other hand …\

\ “I haven’t been watching too much,” defenseman Mike Green said. “I just want to focus on us. Sometimes you can watch too much hockey and you start thinking about it too much, which is no good. I’ve been following the scores, but I just want our games to start.”\

\ As for Green’s hair, he went to the DC101 studios to get a playoff mohawk from a professional stylist. He wasn’t totally pleased with the look, so he went home and shaved some more off the sides to give it a more traditional mohawk look.\

\ “I don’t think guys are use to it here,” Green said. “I don’t think too many guys in the NHL do it. I know Calgary did it. Our guys are like, ‘What are you doing?’ “\

\ “I betcha guys will [get on the bandwagon] once they see the crowd reaction. I’m sure guys will [get one] if we go far.”\

\ If there is a mohawk movement, Eminger won’t be involved.\

\ “Not me,” he said shaking his head. “Not me.”\

\ — Corey Masisak