The Washington Times - March 5, 2008, 04:15PM
Alex Ovechkin

\ It will be interesting to see whether this innovation catches on. But imagine the precedent it could set: \


\ -MannyKam: Chronicling the frequent trips of Nationals manager Manny Acta from the dugout to the pitchers mound and back this season. \ -ZornKam: Follow Redskins head coach Jim Zorn as he calls plays, directs practices argues with Dan Snyder and calls his wife to ask why she didn’t talk him out of taking this dang job.\ -GilKam: We’re suprised Gilbert Arenas hasn’t already done this. If its successful, it might appear on the Discovery Health channel alongside “Mysery Diagnosis” and “Dr. Oz.”\ -RonnieKam: The best of Ronnie Belliard’s dance moves.\ -SmootKam: This one would only be shown late at night on certain pay cable channels.\

\ — Tim Lemke