The Washington Times - August 16, 2012, 08:13PM

Tuesday was the second highest-spending day ever for the independent groups known as super PACs, disclosures showed late Wednesday.

The “Super Tuesday” was primarily the result of an enormous $10 million advertising buy from Restore Our Future, a super PAC led by former Mitt Romney officials — a buy bigger than all of its expenditures from March to June.


It was followed by another $1 million buy Wednesday, while a super PAC supporting President Obama also spent $1 million on the same day.

The only day with more outside spending came in January, when a super PAC formed to support Newt Gingrich used money from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to snap up $12 million in ads.

The third-largest buy ever came July 20, with $8 million from American Crossroads, a super PAC tied to Republican operative Karl Rove.

The pro-Romney Restore Our Future has enjoyed no shortage of funding from a small cadre of financiers.
Meanwhile pro-Obama super PACs, led by Priorities USA, have struggled to keep up, in part because many Democrats find super PACs distasteful.

Priorities USA’s largest one-day buy came in June, at $3.6 million. It spent $7.4 million in June overall, but fell of to $2.5 million last month. It has spent $3.7 million so far this month.

In the last week, Restore Our Future has made 140 ad buys in half the nation’s top 50 markets on major networks, while Priorities USA has made 150 buys, but focused them almost entirely on Denver, Ohio, Florida, and Pittsburgh, a Washington Times analysis of broadcasting records shows. Both favored CBS as a showcase for their ads.

Restore Our Future did not immediately respond to a request for comment.