The Washington Times - August 21, 2012, 10:11AM

Virginia Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine released the first television ad Tuesday in his race against Republican George Allen, a former senator and fellow governor, using the entire 30-second spot to talk about bipartisanship, fiscal responsibility and his accomplishments as Virginia’s governor.

“During the worst recession in decades, I worked with Virginia Republicans to cut Virginia’s budget by $5 billion,” he says in the ad. “I cut my own pay to lead by example. We were fiscally responsible while advancing our most important priorities, like education. While I was governor, Virginia was named the best state for business and the best state to raise a child. I’m Tim Kaine and I approve this message, because leadership is working together to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.”


The ad makes no mention of Mr. Kaine’s tenure as chairman of the Democratic National Committee during his final year as governor — a fact that he has not shied away from, but one that nevertheless ties him to President Obama, whose re-election may hinge on whether he can carry Virginia again. Mr. Kaine will speak at the Democratic National Convention next month in Charlotte, N.C.

The ad will run on broadcast and cable stations in major media markets across Virginia. Mr. Kaine’s campaign has purchased more than $4.5 million in ad time between now and Election Day. The ad can be seen at

Mr. Allen’s campaign, meanwhile, said Mr. Kaine was simply attempting an “extreme makeover.”

“Tim Kaine launches his Extreme Makeover TV ad that recycles ‘exaggerated’ and debunked claims in an attempt to hide his true record,” Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis said. “Tim Kaine isn’t telling Virginians that his budget was called a ‘shoddy little trick’ that used one-time gimmicks. He isn’t telling Virginians he has admitted making ‘significant cuts’ to higher education leading to 30 percent tuition increases. And Tim Kaine isn’t telling Virginians that over 100,000 jobs were lost under his watch as he tried to raise taxes on Virginians making as little as $17,000 a year. Virginians can’t afford for Tim Kaine to take his not ‘particularly successful’ Governor record to Washington.”