The Washington Times - July 11, 2012, 11:49AM

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has opened up a new, personal line of attack on dozens of House Republicans who are expected to vote to repeal President Obama’s health care law Wednesday afternoon, accusing them of trying to protect their lifetime government-subsidized insurance coverage.

Under the Affordable Care Act, members of Congress can no longer remain on the health care program for federal employees after they leave office. Instead, they will have to obtain insurance through an employer or through the new insurance exchanges, just like other Americans.


But repealing the law would keep the high-quality insurance program available to lawmakers even after they retire.

In one instance, the DCCC singled out Wisconsin GOP freshman Rep. Sean P. Duffy, one of about 60 House Republicans it is targeting in November.

Spokesman Jesse Ferguson accused Mr. Duffy of trying to protect cushy benefits for himself while ditching the law’s protections for average Americans — like requiring insurers who spend too much on overhead to rebate customers’ premiums and banning insurers from discriminating against customers based on preexisting conditions.

“Congressman Sean Duffy’s vote tomorrow isn’t only to protect insurance company campaign donor profits, he’s helping himself,” Mr. Ferguson said. “Congressman Duffy will vote to give himself lifetime guaranteed government health care, rather than having the same health care as his constituents.”