The Washington Times - July 11, 2012, 04:25PM

Wisconsin voters favor President Obama comfortably over Mitt Romney but the state could become a toss-up if the Republican challenger chooses Rep. Paul D. Ryan as his running mate, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The poll by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling shows that Mr. Obama currently enjoys a six-point lead in the state, with support from 50 percent of likely voters compared to 44 percent for Mr. Romney.


However, the poll showed the president to have just a 47 percent to 46 percent lead over a hypothetical ticket of Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan, who chairs the House Budget Committee.

Most analysts have described the state as leaning toward Mr. Obama, who won Wisconsin by 14 percentage points in 2008.

But the polling firm noted that Mr. Obama actually has a negative job approval rating in Wisconsin with 47 percent approval and 48 percent disapproval. However, 50 percent of the state’s voters have a negative opinion of Mr. Romney, while just 41 percent view him favorably.

Mr. Ryan enjoys 44 percent approval in his home state compared to just 39 percent disapproval.

Wisconsin voters appeared more likely to support a GOP ticket that includes Mr. Ryan, but they were not swayed by the prospect of Mr. Romney choosing Gov. Scott Walker as a running mate, with Mr. Obama maintaining a six-point lead over a Romney-Walker pairing.