The Washington Times - July 13, 2012, 05:44PM

Next week, President Obama will spend four days out of the five-day work week on the campaign trail.

On Monday, Mr. Obama will fly to Cincinnati, Ohio, for a campaign event. He just visited that battleground state on July 5-6.


On Tuesday, the White House said, the president will travel to San Antonio and Austin, Texas — the capital of the traditionally Republican state — for campaign events.

Of course, a president can tend to his day job aboard Air Force One, which is equipped with an office and state-of-the-art communications equipment. But Wednesday is the only day of the work week that Mr. Obama will be in Washington to carry out his presidential duties, attending meetings at the White House.

On Thursday, he’ll be back on the road, traveling to the battleground state of Florida for campaign events in Jacksonville and West Palm Beach.

Mr. Obama will spend Thursday night in Florida; on Friday he’ll campaign in Fort Myers and Orlando before returning to Washington.

Including Mr. Obama’s two full days of campaigning in Virginia this week, the schedule means that by the end of next week, the president will have been on the campaign trail six out of eight days. And it’s only July.