The Washington Times - July 13, 2012, 10:43AM

Speculation about Condoleezza Rice as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick is off the charts on Friday, with a banner headline on, linking to what appears to be a groundswell of support among conservative thinkers.

But for Mr. Romney to pick Ms. Rice would mean the former Massachusetts governor would have to flip-flop on a pro-life promise — something he would have to think over very carefully, given his earlier changes on the issue.


Ms. Rice considers herself “mildly pro-choice” on abortion, as she told The Washington Times in 2005. (link:

Mr. Romney during the Republican presidential primaries vowed, along with all of the other candidates, to name a running mate who was pro-life.

“I would expect they’d all be pro-life and pro traditional marriage,” Mr. Romney said at a South Carolina forum organized by Sen. Jim DeMint last year. He’s repeated the vow since.

In her interview with The Times, Ms. Rice said abortion should be “as rare as possible,” but said she didn’t want government intrusion in this area.

“We should not have the federal government in a position where it is forcing its views on one side or the other,” she said at the time.