The Washington Times - July 16, 2012, 09:29AM

Fresh off a week where GOP nominee Mitt Romney and top-level Republicans found themselves defending Mr. Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, his campaign launched a new online ad Monday hitting President Obama for purportedly aiding donors at the expense of the middle class — complete with a clip of Mr. Obama singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”

“Right now there are 23 million Americans struggling for work,” the ad reads. “Unemployment is stuck at 8.2 percent. Americans need help.”


“So who is Obama helping?” it continues.” “His friends.”

Then, overlaid with Mr. Obama’s singing, the ad lists headlines such as “Report: Obama’s big money raisers get key posts, access, stimulus dollars,” “Democratic Donors Rewarded With W.H. Perks,” and “White House Opens Door to Big Donors, and Lobbyists Slip in.”

The ad follows an Obama campaign spot unveiled over the weekend that uses a clip of Mr. Romney singing “America the Beautiful” while accusing him of putting money into offshore accounts and outsourcing jobs. Mr. Obama’s campaign aides on Sunday reiterated that they were not going to back off the attacks, despite demands from Mr. Romney and top Republicans.

“Lots of love for the donor class,” continues the new Romney ad, titled “Political Political Payoffs and Middle Class Layoffs.” “But what about the middle class?”