The Washington Times - July 23, 2012, 11:57AM

The Obama administration has proposed including same-sex couples in one of the health care law’s new benefits that allows young adult children to stay on their parents’ health plans.

A proposed rule the administration posted Friday would apply to federal workers and the children of their same-sex domestic partners, allowing the children to stay on the federal insurance program until they turn 26.


It would also extend federal coverage to such children for the very first time, following through on a plan President Obama outlined three years ago to extend more benefits to same-sex couples.

While the same-sex partners of federal workers are not eligible for coverage, the Office of Personnel Management said it’s able to extend coverage to their children by defining who a “stepchild” is.

“The rule adds a definition of ‘stepchild’ to Parts 890 and 894 to denote the child of an enrollee’s spouse or same-sex domestic partners,” the rule says.

The public has until Sept. 18 to comment on the proposed rule, which would also apply to dental and vision coverage.