The Washington Times - July 25, 2012, 09:35AM

In the fight to keep his Ohio Senate seat, Democrat Sherrod Brown is appealing to his state’s manufacturing base by touting the Obama administration’s auto bailout plan.

Mr. Brown’s newest campaign commercial features the longtime lawmaker standing beside a Chevrolet Cruze, a popular General Motors model.


“We’re both from Ohio,” he says, before rattling off parts of the car and where in the state they were made. The transmission, for example, was made in Toledo, he notes.

Mr. Brown’s Republican opponent, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, has not taken a firm position on the bailout, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported on Wednesday.

As it did in Michigan and other states, the auto rescue is crediting with preserving hundreds of thousands of jobs in Ohio. Republicans, such as the party’s presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney, have criticized the administration’s bailout plan and have said that, in the long term, it would have been better for companies such as GM and Chrysler to go through managed bankruptcies without major taxpayer funds involved.

But with the auto industry still alive and kicking in Ohio and elsewhere, Mr. Brown and other industrial-state Democrats are taking plenty of the credit.

“I’m proud to have led the fight to pass the auto rescue package, helping to protect more than 800,000 Ohio jobs,” he says in the commercial.