The Washington Times - July 3, 2012, 11:22AM

President Obama’s re-election campaign is out with a new nine-state ad blitz that accuses presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney of shipping American jobs outside the country.

“What a president believes matters,” says a narrator. “Mitt Romney’s companies were pioneers in outsourcing U.S. jobs to low-wage countries. He supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.”


The ad says Mr. Obama believes in repatriating American jobs.

“He fought to save the auto industry, and favors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home. Outsourcing versus insourcing: it matters,” the narrator says.

Independent fact-checkers have questioned Mr. Obama’s charge that Bain Capital, the private equity firm Mr. Romney led, pushed companies to outsource jobs overseas, and the Romney campaign said it stands by his jobs record.

“We are happy to put Governor Romney’s record of job creation in the private sector, and as governor, up against President Obama’s any day,” said spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg. “Spending millions of dollars on untrue ads won’t change the fact that President Obama’s policies have left more than 23 million Americans struggling for work.”

Mr. Obama has repeatedly attacked Mr. Romney’s leadership at Bain, despite criticism from many in his own part that he is misfiring. But Democratic National Committee says the attacks are working, and are hurting Mr. Romney in key states.

The 30-second ad is airing in Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.