The Washington Times - July 9, 2012, 02:25PM

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren hauled in more than $8.6 million between April and June, making major fundraising strides against her Republican opponent, Sen. Scott Brown, her campaign announced Monday.

The second-quarter gains bring her campaign war chest up to $13.5 million, helping her nearly catch up to Mr. Brown, who had $15 million in the bank in March. Since entering the race Mrs. Warren, a Democrat, has out-raised Mr. Brown, who had funds left over from his last campaign.


“Elizabeth Warren has fought hard to create a level playing field for middle class families. It is those men and women who are fueling this campaign,” said Mindy Myers, Mrs. Warren’s campaign manager.

“We still have a long way to go until November 6, and Wall Street and other powerful interests are going to continue to send their millions to Scott Brown,” she said. “But with the power of working men and women in the Commonwealth behind us, we will continue to have the resources we need to compete and win this fall.”

Mrs. Warren’s most successful fundraising month was June, when she pulled in $3.1 million. Eight-one percent of her donations were $50 or less and more than half were $25 or less, and more than 40,500 Massachusetts residents have contributed to her campaign, her campaign said.