The Washington Times - October 3, 2012, 11:41AM

While recent polls show that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may be losing ground in some battleground states, Americans still trust him more than President Obama to rebuild the nation’s economy, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The Gallup poll found that 49 percent of Americans think Mr. Romney would do a better job of handling the economy, while just 45 percent favor Mr. Obama. However, the poll does show that Mr. Romney’s economic edge is shrinking, from a 10-point gap in July to a 9-point gap in August to just a 4-point advantage last month.


Fifty percent of respondents in the poll said they think the economy will be somewhat or much better four years from now if Mr. Romney is elected, and just 48 percent said the economy will improve if the president wins a second term.

Thirty-five percent said they expect things to get worse if Mr. Romney becomes president, while 40 percent said things will get worse if Mr. Obama wins re-election.

Respondents also gave Mr. Romney a 13-point edge in handling the federal budget deficit, but gave Mr. Obama a 3-point edge in handling taxes and larger advantages on handling health care, Medicare, energy, terrorism, foreign affairs and social issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion.