The Washington Times - October 4, 2012, 11:13AM

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin’s hometown paper has endorsed his opponent, Claire McCaskill, in their race for U.S. Senate.

The St. Charles County Suburban Journal, which covers a large portion of Mr. Akin’s House district, wrote in an editorial that “conservatives could do worse” than Mrs. McCaskill.


“The right choice for Missouri, and oddly for the Republican Party as a whole, is Claire McCaskill,” the paper wrote.

The endorsement is a sting to Mr. Akin, who easily won St. Charles County by a 37-point margin in his last congressional race in 2010.

Calling the race a “conundrum” for conservatives in Missouri — a state that has been steadily inching to the right — the paper pointed to a relatively moderate voting record left behind by Mrs. McCaskill, who has sided with Republicans on some environmental issues, worked on bipartisan legislation to ban earmarking and opposed President Obama’s blocking of the Keystone pipeline.

Conversely, Mr. Akin doesn’t speak for most voters on the right, the editors wrote. After claiming in August that victims of “legitimate rape” are unlikely to become pregnant, he recently accused Mrs. McCaskill of not acting “ladylike” in a recent debate.

‘At a time when Akin is fighting to get back into the good graces of women voters, what does it say about his common sense that he would make a gender generalization about how McCaskill should portray herself in the political arena?” the paper wrote.