The Washington Times - September 20, 2012, 08:11PM

A Democratic super PAC focused on House races says it has an unnamed donor who will match all donations made Thursday.

The House Majority PAC has thus far been financed largely by unions, Hollywood celebrities and New York lawyers. But a plea today asked for small donations to defeat Rep. Allen West, Florida Republican and a tea-party favorite who has made a name for himself with fiery rhetoric.


“When Romney outrageously claimed that 47 percent of Americans are ‘freeloaders’ and self-proclaimed ‘victims,’ Allen West leapt to his defense saying the remarks were just ‘clumsy.’ But the remarks were more than clumsy - they were offensive! Just like it wasn’t clumsy, it was offensive that Allen West called 80 members of Congress suspected Communists, or claimed women who support Planned Parenthood were ‘neutering men,’ ” said an email from Alixandria Lapp, director of the House Majority PAC.

“Our latest ad exposes the truth about West’s extremist views. And, we have a real chance to make a huge impact today and expand our advertising budget.”

The super PAC said donations would be matched, but did not name the presumably-wealthy matcher.

Separately Thursday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee made a quarter-million dollar ad buy opposing Mr. West, a freshman Republican from Florida.