The Washington Times - September 21, 2012, 12:30PM

One of America’s favorite TV dads has made his decision in the upcoming presidential election, and he’s voting for Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

In a clip promoting “The Simpsons” upcoming 24th season, Homer Simpson casts his ballot for the GOP candidate after ruling out President Obama.


“I already got one wife telling me to eat healthy,” he says in the clip, which was posted Thursday to YouTube. “Plus, he promised me death panels and Grandpa is still alive.”

Homer also gets in a couple of shots at Mr. Romney, saying that Ann Romney’s horse Rafalca “totally choked at the Olympics” and questioning whether the GOP nominee wears “magic underwear” — a reference to the temple garments that many Mormons wear under their clothes.

In the end, Homer casts his vote for Mr. Romney because “he did invent Obamacare.”

The voting machine then reveals Mr. Romney’s tax records, which show that he received a “medical deduction for a personality implant” and that the government actually paid him taxes over several years.

When Homer threatens to tell the press, he is sucked into the machine, which “outsources” him to an American flag-making factory in China.

Homer was an Obama supporter in a similar clip from 2008, although a rigged machine forced him to vote for GOP nominee John McCain.