The Washington Times - September 5, 2012, 02:19PM

Polls show that Rep. W. Todd Akin has dropped behind Sen. Claire McCaskill after making his infamous “legitimate rape” comment, but top Missouri Democrats are still eyeing the state’s U.S. Senate race cautiously.

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan warned delegates to the National Democratic Convention that it will still be an uphill battle to re-elect Mrs. McCaskill to a second Senate term, according to the Kansas City Star.


“It’s going to be a close election, people,” Mrs. Carnahan said, speaking at a Wednesday-morning breakfast in Charlotte, N.C. “We know our state. We know this is going to be a dogfight down to the end.”

But Republicans have virtually given up hope of winning the Senate seat, even though they once considered it one of their most likely pickups.

After Mr. Akin suggested last month that women who are raped “legitimately” are less likely to become pregnant, nearly every major Republican urged the six-term congressman to drop out, and the party pulled all funding from his race. Despite the loss of support, Mr. Akin has insisted he’ll stay in.