The Washington Times - April 2, 2008, 06:56PM

\ Gilbert Arenas refused to speak to the press in pregame locker availability, and Wizards coach Eddie Jordan missed his pregame press conference with a sinus headache that was so bad that he was in his office with the lights off, trying to sleep it off. So associate head coach Mike O’Koren stood in for both tonight.\

\ O’Koren said that Arenas has indeed been cleared to play, but when he plays is anyone’s guess.\


\ “Well, Gilbert’s been cleared to play. Whether he plays tonight, or if he comes back is up to Gilbert,” O’Koren said. “When he gets his mind right, we can’t wait to get him back. But it’s up to him right now.”\

\ O’Koren was asked if Gil’s “mind was right” tonight, and the coach said he didn’t know. He wasn’t even expecting to have to give the pre-game talk until he received word from Jordan that he would need to sub.\

\ Meanwhile, just before that Arenas — who on Sunday, the day after he was cleared to play, told us that he hadn’t heard anything in regards to when he would be cleared — sauntered into the locker room and gave a salute to us reporters. When asked if he had a few minutes Arenas, who maintained the same “I got nothing” stance the next two days after Sunday’s interview, said no and retreated to the training room. \

\ Arenas was wearing the same workout gear as his teammates during pre-game, and he had his headphones on as he lay on the table getting stretched out and massaged. Then the door was closed. \

\ A Wizards insider was chatting with me about how crazy it all is and said not to be surprised if he did play tonight. The locker room is always open until 6:15 p.m., but tonight the door was shut at 6:10 p.m. Could Agent Zero be in there getting ready to play, or trying to talk himself into playing? That’s the question all of the reporters were asking each other and themselves.\

\ It’s anyone’s guess. We’re dealing with someone who loves the spotlight and comes off as rather conflicted. But, who knows? Maybe it’s calculated. One thing’s for sure. The Agent, and only The Agent, knows what’s going on.\

\ — Mike Jones