The Washington Times - April 9, 2008, 06:44PM
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Darius Songaila Boston

\ “Everybody’s ready to go for tonight except for Etan [Thomas, heart surgery],” Jordan said. “We’re very happy that our guys practiced two days together and we’re ready to go. Gil’s still coming off the bench. … [Caron] went through shootaround, I didn’t see him grimace or anything, Darius is good, so we’re ready to go.”\

\ Jordan said Arenas will continue to be limited to 20 to 24 minutes as he continues to work his way back into top form, and he plans to continue to use him in multiple lineups, which he views as another challenge to throw at opponents.\

\ “The fact that Gil is coming off the bench, playing with another group of rotation guys, I like that. I think it’s very exciting and it adds another dimension to the opponent’s thinking: Who comes off the opponent’s bench to match up with Gilbert Arenas? I like that.”\

\ The PGA Tour — Boston’s Pierce, Garnett and Allen — will be on display but in limited form. All three will play tonight, but will be limited to roughly 20 minutes. \

\ The Wizards got the best of the Celtics the last two times they faced “The Big Three” and have a chance to become the first team this season to beat Boston three times. But the Wizards aren’t focusing on that factoid.\

\ “It’s not the fact that it’d be nice to be the first to beat them three times, it’d be nice to beat them three times, period, just so there’s no 2-2 tie,” Daniels said. “It’s easier said than done. Obviously it’s a very good basketball team. Recordwise the best team in the league. But we’ve been playing well as of late and hopefully we can carry that over into tonight.”\

\ — Mike Jones