The Washington Times - March 22, 2008, 11:00AM

\ The upset greatly pained UConn product Caron Butler. He trudged out of the side room in which the game was watched, shoulders drooped, brow furrowed.\


\ “Well, bad thing is, I gotta take it out on somebody,” said Butler, who went on to score 25 points on 9-for-11 shooting against the team that drafted him 10th overall out of UConn in 2002.\

\ Minutes after the loss, rookie Nick Young started rubbing in the Huskies’ defeat. Grinning, Young sauntered over to the trainers table that Butler was stretched out on, and rained down taunts.\

\ “Man! What happened to UConn?” Young laughed. “That [messed] up my whole bracket. Man!”\

\ Young went on before Butler threatened to inflict pain upon the rookie, who then backed off and conceded that he was just glad to have some company since his alma mater, No. 6 USC, had gotten upset by No. 11 Kansas State the previous night. \

\ No sooner had Young backed off that Gilbert Arenas \0x2013 whose Arizona Wildcats fell to West Virginia on Thursday — bounded into the locker room and said “What happened to UConn?”\

\ “Not talking about it, I said,” Butler growled while other teammates suppressed laughter.\

\ Arenas continued: “Hey, it’s alright. We can all go fishing now. Arizona, UConn and USC, we can all go fishing together now. Seabass fishing.”\

\ Butler was not amused.\

\ — Mike Jones