The Washington Times - March 25, 2008, 09:53PM

\ But after Sunday, when he was finally ready to come back but the team doctor to wait another week, you could tell he REALLY wanted to come back. He sat in front of his locker room, face contorted, angrily pulling on his street clothes. He then stormed from the locker room. He drove home and cooled off, changed into proper bench-wearing attire and came back to cheer his teammates to a win over Detroit.\

\ What exactly was going through Gil’s head after hearing the news? How upset was he really? What calmed him down and made him come back to watch the rest of the game?\


\ The Agent tells us himself in his latest blog, which he uploaded today. \

\ It’s all there. From the conversation with the doctor, to thoughts of suicide — I’m not making it up — to therapeutic music. And then, in typical unpredictable Gilbert fashion, he totally changes directions and starts talking about basketball, birthday parties and the playoffs.\

\ This week’s blog is a must-read! Only Agent Zero!\

\ — Mike Jones