The Washington Times - April 2, 2008, 11:10AM

We’re not negotiating with Russia whether Georgia or Ukraine can join the Nato. Russia has lodged some interesting proposals, such as that of aiding the transit of Nato troops to Afghanistan. This is less interesting for us, because Polish troops serve in the south of the country, but for the Germans, who have their troops in the north, rail transit through Russia can be an interesting option.

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My sense is that the motivation behind the Russian proposals is chiefly commercial, which is nothing bad. Let the Russian railways or air carriers profit from the Nato’s presence in Afghanistan. We have a common interest in preventing the taliban from returning to power.

blocked from becoming NATO’s special Afghanistan envoy according to the BBC Here is an interesting story

While there are no official figures for the number of stray dogs in the city, local media estimates the tally at between 30,000 and 200,000.

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It is also known that as many as 9,000 people are bitten by dogs every year.

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The rest of the city is still suffering from a deteriorating canine occupation because of a January law prohibiting the city from euthanizing the dogs.

Jon Ward, White House correspondent, The Washington Times