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A transcript of Gibbs' 'manufactured anger' line

The conservative grass roots is not going to be happy with Robert Gibbs' characterization of their health care protests as "manufactured anger." Here is a transcript of our exchange that prompted his statement this morning.

Getting the White House take on latest health care polling

I asked Robert Gibbs today whether the White House thinks the latest polling shows what most people think it does -- that support is eroding for the president's health care reforms -- and why they think that's happening. He sort of answered the first question and did not at all answer the second.

My question for the White House today

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs did not look all that excited to be talking about Vice President Joe Biden's recent comments about Russia, which is the topic of my story today.

Obama boxes with Putin's shadow

President Obama spent his second day in Russia on Tuesday trying to prop up Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, all the while under the long shadow of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Palin's 'demons'

A GOP political operative who worked closely with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign says the Vanity Fair piece on her is the truth.

Orszag, Orszag, Orszag

Here's my most recent example of why President Obama's White House website is a black hole for information.