The Washington Times - June 10, 2008, 02:19PM

The brutal heat forced Redskins coach Jim Zorn to short the team’s organized practice … by one play.

“We had just run a deeper route and this was another route where both receivers were going to go deep again,” Zorn said at Redskin Park. “So I had a little mercy.”

The heat was more intense today, and the players and coaches felt it.

“There wasn’t as big a breeze as there was yesterday,” Zorn said. “I felt the guys worked hard but it effected us a little bit mentally with a couple of the younger guys. At the receiver spot, the hardest thing is to get their splits and accelerate and come back and then do it again in this heat. It’s hard to rebound. They’re find out what pro football is really like.”

In other news …

*Clinton Portis and Cornelius Griffin remained away with excused absences. Zorn talked to Griffin this morning. “He’s taking care of an issue with his family,” Zorn said.

*Shawn Springs remains a no-show. Zorn has yet to speak to Springs, but said a teammate told him Springs is “doing well.”

*Zorn on linebacker Rocky McIntosh’s progress from knee surgery. “I think he’s getting very close, especially in his drill work. We don’t have any contact out here so he can particupate even a little more. Each day is a real help and he’s gaining more and more confidence as he goes through this offseason.”