The Washington Times - March 13, 2008, 09:42AM
Safety Pierson Prioleau

\ Prioleau, who’ll be 30 in August, isn’t worried that his phone hasn’t been ringing with offers nearly two weeks into the signing period.\


\ “I’m chilling at home and working to get myself in top shape for next season,” Prioleau said. “I’m feeling great. They say the second year after you have major knee surgery [which he did in September 2006 after being injured on the season-opening kickoff] is when you really like yourself again. I know I can help someone this season. I just don’t know what team that is yet.”\

\ Prioleau’s best bets are the Redskins, for whom he played the last three seasons and whose secondary coach, Jerry Gray, was his coordinator in Buffalo in 2004, and Jacksonville. The Jaguars’ new defensive coordinator is Gregg Williams, who coached Prioleau with the Bills and the Redskins.\

\ “When I was out of football for two months [after being cut by San Francisco] in 2001, I learned patience,” Prioleau said. “I signed with Buffalo in November and was there for four years. I’m just being patient again now.”