The Washington Times - July 10, 2008, 10:49PM

DENVER — The iPhone 2.0 software, released today by Apple Inc., is very impressive, at least on my “original” iPhone, i.e., the non-3G version. Though it wasn’t a straight upgrade via iTunes, I found and downloaded the software and installed it.

Pre-install, I should have had an option to back up the data and songs on my iPhone, but I didn’t. As a result, I lost some music and data, but gladly made the sacrifice in the interest of journalism.


The big headlines are the addition of Microsoft Exchange “push” e-mail, which installed quite nicely and works well. This will bring e-mail more quickly to the handheld device, and sync better with the back-at-the-office Exchange server. I’m quite happy with this.

Also positive is the iPhone App Store, which brings a variety of programs that will now reside on the iPhone, and not in the Web. I bought one, and downloaded another. The $29.99 BibleXpress program has two English-language versions of the Bible for easy reference; more will be added. The free Facebook application makes connecting to the social networking site easier.

I have tons more questions, and will keep writing about the newest wave of iPhone-mania. But they’re off to a good start with this software, and that’s good news in my book.

— Mark A. Kellner